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Location Rentals

We offer Daily , Weekly and Monthly Location Rental with Crew Accommodation

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Your wedding is meant to be the greatest day of your life, These days, sustainable wedding ideas are plentiful, with more eco-friendly wedding decorations on the market and greener options for catering, etc. If you want to please your family and friends with more sustainable celebration, we've rounded up 7 eco-friendly wedding locations that will inspire you to do some good for the environment on your big day.


Starting from ₹ 49,999 based on max 50 Attendees

Please be get in touch with us on for more details..........



Green Film Shooting presents approaches to sustainable operating methods. Sustainable media production involves everything from feature films for theatrical and/or TV release, TV series, and commercials, all the way to broadcast technology, energy-efficient cinemas, and smart IT management, not to mention, on the consumer level, We offer the best locations for shooing with prior approvals.


Starting from ₹ 99,999 based on max 30 member crew

Please be get in touch with us on for more details..........

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